The aim of the Ulster Golden Retriever Club Rescue scheme is to re-home into a carefully vetted, caring home any Golden Retriever that is currently being kept either in unsatisfactory, uncaring conditions or where changes in the circumstances of the owners such a bereavement, prolonged illness, moving house or other unforeseen situations that mean that the dog can no longer stay with the present owners.

The dogs requiring a home can vary in age from relatively young puppies to older dogs that also need a caring, loving environment where they will be well cared for and can give their love and companionship to their new owners. Where possible the transfer is made directly to the new home to minimise the stress caused to the dog.

After support and advice is freely given to the new owners to help ensure a happy and contented relationship for both owner and their new companion.

If you are in a position to offer a Golden Retriever a home or need assistance please contact the Hon. Secretary.